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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Characteristic That Defines Humanity

I think the characteristic that distinguishes humanity from the rest of creation is our ability to lie to ourselves.  Call it the "Easter Island Syndrome" if you like.
The UN has stated recently that the number of hungry people in the world is at one billion.  They blame this in part on climate change. The United Nations Food Programme states “in many countries, climate change is EXACERBATING (emphasis mine) already adverse conditions” and therefore creating starvation in human populations. The UN also states that “ unpredictable weather patterns are causing more weather-related hunger.” http://www.wfp.org/
In an article on drought and food shortages in Kenya, the Globe and Mail stated “It’s part of a much broader crisis across East Africa and the Horn of Africa . . . . climate change is believed to be at the heart of it. Droughts and floods are happening at nearly the same time.” http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/world/kenyan-farmers-watch-their-livelihoods-and-food-supply-disappear/article1284880/
Australia is suffering from the worst dust storms in 70 years: the CBC’s news website quoted an Australian environmental scientist as follows: “ Ten very dry years over inland southern Australia and very strong westerlies have conspired to produce these storms.”
Even the government of Australia, formerly an outlier on climate change, is taking global warming seriously now - as witnessed by thier web site.
And my point is ?  If we are not extraordinarily good at lying to ourselves, why do climate change deniers still post on every article I read on the Internet?
Samples: “where is the proof that global warming is man made?” “ETI said it before and Ill say it again … global warming is a crock of bulls####” “How did the AGW myth get perpetrated so thoroughly upon us?’ Incredible! Absolutely INCREDIBLE!   Please keep educating  climate change deniers - arm yourself with information and statistics.  Remind them of the hole in the ozone layer - no one disputes that was human caused and made a bigh impact on the environemtn. And PLEASE enail or write your MLAs, your MP, your Senators, and your Congresspersons and tell them effective legislation  on global warming is important to you.

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