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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Great Green Transportation Tune-UP

Great Green
Travel $marter, Live Better
The Kamloops 350 Environmental Association, is partnering with the City of Kamloops and BCSEA to present the Great Green Transportation Tune-up from September 26 to October 1, 2011. 
The Great Green Transportation Tune-Up is a week of events that provides Kamloops residents with many ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation. By promoting vehicle efficiency, removing barriers to transit use and providing fun ways for citizens to "test-drive" alternative modes, the Tune-Up will increase overall awareness of the issues and facilitate an eventual transition to a sustainable transportation future. 

The Great Green Transportation Tune-Up will:
·         Encourage residents to increase the efficiency of our vehicles through maintenance, trip reduction strategies and carpooling,
·         Increase familiarity with our City's transit options by providing incentives and free access,
·         Promote alternative modes of travel; including walking, cycling, and other "clean " ways of getting around, and
·          Give residents a chance to dream a bit about what an ideal future Kamloops transportation system might look like.

Activities include:
·         The Reel Sustainability Film Fest on Friday, September 23 to Saturday, September 24, 2011 at TRU. (There are too many movies to list individually.)
  • How to Boil A Frog will be shown Tuesday , September 27 in the evening - downtown at the Paramount or at TRU. (venue uncertain at this time.)  
  • BCSEA will present a panel discussion on "The Future of Transportation" at TRU on Wednesday, September 28, 2011.  Panelists are John Kenney and Erin Felker.
  •          The Transit Treasure Hunt - participants become eligible for prizes as they travel the City by bus all week, picking up clues as they go.
  •          Tire pressure checking mobs will distribute vehicle efficiency information at parking lots everywhere.
  •          The Green Your Transportation Pledge - if you reduce your vehicle use by car pooling, biking, walking, or taking transit for one week, you will be eligible for prizes. 
  •          Cool Wheels - a  show featuring hybrid & electric cars, and one solar car,  as well as scooters and bikes.
  •          The Transportation Imagination Station -   a place where people can describe their vision of a sustainable Kamloops.
  •          Bike , Bus or Boogie challenge - a multi-modal challenge where each participant uses a different means of transportation to complete a set of errands.
Check it out at     http://www.kamloops350.com/

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