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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Smack Stephen Harper


I found the link to above site at the Georgia Straight. 

I'm a  little uncomfortable with it - or a lot uncomfortable with the fact that visting it and hitting the Right Honorable Stephen Harper is satisfying.  Ummm - violence begets violence..... Martin Luther King and Gandhi didn't advocate it as a method of changing the world.

And - jeepers!   And bless my buttons! :: swearing completely out of control:: Have we really come to this?  Is our only way of expressing  dissatisfaction playing video games?   And how effective is this?  Come to think of it, how effective has any method of opposition been? 

Americans say Canadians live in an elected dictatorship.  I rather think Americans are  right......

After all ,we're  not rioting in the streeets.  Or  joining the Occupy movement.  Or marching by the millions to demand enviromentally sustainable policies  - real action on climate change  -  real democracy.    We did it to protest the invasion of Iraq in 2003 - why aren't we upset now? 

Could it be we  Canadians don't care ?   Or are most of us so snuggled in ermine privilege that we literally don't see the problems?

Now I'm very uncomfortable.

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