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Monday, August 27, 2012

Northern Gateway Redux

A devestating analysis of the Northern Gateway pipeline by a geologist.  David Hughes states that:
Speedy liquidation [of the Alberta tar sands]  means not only a revenue giveaway but exponential growth of pollution and water contamination. (Current mining waste liabilities already total more than $20-billion.)   
"Enbridge's rationale for the Northern Gateway Pipeline is based on its own unsubstantiated and highly optimistic projections for growth in oil sands production beyond 2025," reports Hughes. "This may serve Enbridge's corporate needs and those of its shareholders but does not consider the longer term environmental and energy security needs of Canadians."
 Ouch!   Enbridge makes more money, the Canadian public faces more pollution and water contamination, and attempts to clean up oil spills on BC 's coasts....this pipeline is not worth the risks!

You still have time to register your opposition with the Joint Review panel: please see the post below for the link.

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