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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Those With Sisu Take the Lead

Finland, population 5.3 million, challenged the international powers-that-be again last week, hosting an ambitious one-day "action summit" to rescue the Baltic sea from decades of pollution, environmental degradation and neglect.  National leaders from all nine Baltic coastal states, plus "catchment" countries such as Norway and Belarus, attended. So too did EU representatives and about 1,500 delegates, representing regional organisations, large and small businesses, NGOs and local activist groups..... Events in Helsinki showed that smaller countries, private organisations and individuals don't have to wait for big international players. It was a first-class illustration of the sort of grassroots-upwards approach urged by commentators and activists since the implosion in Copenhagen.
Hopeful news indeed.....let's spread the idea that we don't have to wait for governments.  Pressure them to do the right thing , yes...but don't wait for them.

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