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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Very Interesting View from Davos

But the financial meltdown and recession are arguably symptoms of a bigger systemic crisis and deep institutional failures.  ...Then sustainability became a matter of competitiveness and cost reduction, by capturing efficiencies such as reducing waste and energy use. CEOs everywhere at Davos said we've now arrived at the point where sustainability must be integrated into business strategy – what a business is, and how it operates and relates to the rest of the world.   ....There is growing agreement that gross domestic products and gross national products are flawed tools for measuring the health of country, and we should instead emphasize the idea of Gross National Well-Being or something similar. ....Just as some companies have moved to “triple-bottom line” reporting for their impact on society, many economists argue that GDPs and GNPs measure activities that are detrimental to society and ignore activities that are beneficial.
Read Don Tapscott's entire articles at the above website.   I find it hopeful that, at an elitist event like the World Economic Forum,   themes such as those listed  emerge.  An ever-increasing awareness that the world we live in is flawed is the precursor to improving it.  We cannot create a more egalitarian and more sustainable way of life until we admit the system we have doesn't work for the poor and for the eocysystems we exploit.

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