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Thursday, April 22, 2010

May Dr Andrew Weaver Win!


A prominent University of Victoria climate researcher says he's been repeatedly defamed by the National Post and has launched a lawsuit against the national newspaper.
Why would he sue?  West Coast Environmental Law has pointed out the benefits of a lawsuit against climate change deniers.

Discovery – Under the rules of court the defendant could be forced to disclose the sources of their funding and to explain where their information comes from; Climate change deniers have historically been reluctant to reveal their funding sources.
Court ruling on the credibility of attacks on climate change science – A court is likely to hold that the climate change denier cannot prove his/her statements on a balance of probabilities or is actually misleading the public.
Potential for a damages award – In addition to damages to the scientist’s reputation (likely nominal, if no financial loss was suffered), the court could award aggravated damages. While the amount of the award, at least in Canada, would probably not be huge, the message sent would be priceless. In other jurisdictions there may be potential for more significant damages awards.
Targeting the funders – A conspiracy claim could name funders of climate change deniers, drawing them into the spotlight – which is where they do not want to be.
Let us hope Dr Weaver is quickly successful in court. 


  1. Dr. Weaver should start hitting the gym and pumping some serious iron.

    That way, he'll be in good enough shape to grab some folks by the ankles and shake the pennies (and maybe a few Loonies) loose when it comes time to collect on the judgments.

  2. Pimping out women while you save the earth.

    I thought this was a good blog until I hit that. 20/20 vision for endangered species, but blind to the objectification of women, and in this case, little girls.

  3. # 2 - You do realize Dr Weaver is suing the National Post for defamation and misrepresentation of his position on climate change? CLIMATE CHANGE! His case has nothing to do with "pimping out women!"