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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

US National Security and Climate Change

2010 Defense Department review cut through political rhetoric and stated that climate change and energy security are “prominent military vulnerabilities”. Climate change in particular is an “accelerant of instability and conflict,” the report noted.

Connecting the military's fossil-fuel and overall energy use with risks to our national security hasn't been easy in this political environment, especially with the presidential election looming. Congressional Republicans have repeatedly questioned and criticized the Armed Forces' new-energy strategies, portraying initiatives as political favors to clean-energy businesses.  But current and retired military leaders insist the policies are essential. The efforts protect soldiers and help them carry out missions. They also help curb climate change and its potential to intensify military conflicts.

So - arguments arise from this with which to sway conservatives. (Backward ran the sentences until the head reeled!)

Don't you want to protect Canada's interests?   Do you want the Americans and their military to be ahead of  us  - again?  Why isn't the Right Honorable Stephen Harper doing something to protect Canada's long term interests by reducing our carbon emissions when the US military is? The US military isn't exactly a group of pinkos, yah know! 

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