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Monday, May 21, 2012

What Privilege Looks Like In Everyday Life

If you have privilege, you can: 
Leave someone  who is  poor and disabled and  to whom you promised a ride  standing on the sidewalk for fifteen minutes while you rush into a family member's  house.  Suddenly,  you remember you were going to take them home.   Whoopsie!  Sucks to be them!  

Refuse to give someone who is on welfare and who is moving to another city  a reference  because their housekeeping isn't up to your standards.    Not that you ever do any housekeeping.......your maid does.  And the person who is moving has been very, very ill - but gee  - their apartment was messy.  Who'd want to rent to them?  
Tell a woman that your grandmother was a strong yet feminine woman and all women should match that standard.    Shrillness isn't necessary!    After all, you get to decide how all women should behave .....
Try to keep the poor and marginalized and old out of your neighbourhood.   Lie about your motives.  After all, this is Little Rhodesia and standards must be maintained!

Kiss your date on the lips ANYWHERE in this country  without ever, EVER worrying that doing so might attract nasty comments or even be dangerous.   

Signal in lots of different ways that people of colour are not welcome in your neighbourhood - including turning your head when you're greeted.  After all, this is Little Rhodesia and standards must be maintained!  

Have a cupboard full of food.  Stare astonished, at a little girl who says "This must be a RICH household! My mom never has enough money to buy extra food.  Sometimes we have nothing to eat but rice! "   (The little girl's mother lives on welfare.)  Explain you're not rich - no, no, not at all.   

Make comments about how First Nations should be PAST all that stuff about residential schools, shouldn't they?  Call First Nations people "Indians." 
Snap loudly and mean it " Who cares about what happens to those Africans and Pakis because of climate change?"

I've witnessed all of the above - or done them myself.

It's great having privilege, isn't it?  We who have it get to set the rules......

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