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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Canada Is Falling Behind

Per the Wall Street Journal: "The Obama administration is putting its green-power agenda back on center stage Tuesday as a Senate committee begins debating a bill to curb the greenhouse gases from fossil fuels.
President Barack Obama is in Florida, where he is expected Tuesday to highlight the $3.4 billion in economic-stimulus funding devoted to modernizing the power grid so it can better handle wind turbines, solar power and other forms of renewable electricity generation. Vice President Joe Biden, meanwhile, is scheduled to be in Wilmington, Del., to herald a deal to retool a shuttered General Motors factory to produce plug-in hybrid cars."
And Canada?  We are cutting science funding....... this is sure to make Canada a leader in green technology and help us cut pollution and greenhouse gas emissions........ Yeah, right!
Canada needs to start investing in clean energy and in training a workforce to work with green  technology. 

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