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Friday, October 16, 2009

Canada's Rivers At Risk

The World Wildlife Fund has drawn Canadian's attention to more water woes. By focussing of water flow, rather than on global rankings based upon volume, the WWF has revealed serious problems with Canada's rivers. They sate "evidence shows that climate change will result in - and indeed is laready causing - significant changes to water cycles globally and locally. " You may remember that returning sockeye runs in the Fraser were so low in 2009 that commercial fishing was banned. So, in the face of more bad news, should we curl up in the fetal postion? No. The WWF states:
"Canada ....still has the opportunity to avert a national water crisis by keeping rivers flowing, for nature and for people - but only if we take immediate action." WWF recommends taking agressive action on climate change and keeping water use within nature's limits. I've added links that assist in finding one's MP or MLA to my blogroll: please email your MP and tell her(or him) that Canadians want REAL action on climate change.

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