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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Portland Revisited

From Water in the 21st Century: A High Country Reader edited by Char Miller (Oregon State University Press, 2009): " During the national debate [in the USA] over the Kyoto Protocol in the late 1990s, the Energy Information Administration estimated that compliance with initial protocol targets would cost the nation as much as $ 437 billion. Portland's results suggested a very different, and much more pleasant, future." In other words, it has been much less costly to reduce greenhouse gas emissions than first predicted. Some of Portland's efforts actually saved the city money. These iniatives encluded energy efficiency measures such as compact fluorescent light bulbs in city lighting. I repeat, why aren't all cities emulating Portland? Please let your city councillors that you are concerned about climate change and that you want them to act now (and get your friends to do the same!)

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