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Saturday, January 9, 2010

2010 To be the Hottest Year On Record?

A new El Niño warming period has just started in the Pacific.   "If that keeps up for the next few months, it will result in a great deal of heat being pumped into the atmosphere," added Smith. "The signs are that it will. If so, our computer models indicate that this year is more likely than not to be the hottest on record. Even if it isn't, I am quite sure a record breaker will still occur in the next few years."

It is true that Britain is having a spell of extremely cold weather, as is much of northern Europe and the United States. But at the same time, Canada and the Mediterranean region are having unusually warm weather for the time of year.

And despite the horrible weather at present, it is quite possible that we will get one this year."
All of the above is what the Met Office in the UK is predicting.   But La Ninas and El Ninos affect North America as well: so keep your eye on the weather in  2010.  We may have a scorcher of a summer in the Interior of British Columbia.

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