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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

David Suzuki Said...in the Georgia Straight

In imagining a better future, we must open ourselves to the idea of change. And we’d do well to remember that people with vision have been overturning outmoded ways of thinking and acting throughout our brief history on this Earth—often in the face of great resistance. It wasn’t long ago that people in countries such as the U.S. believed slavery was an economic necessity and that abolishing it would destroy the economy and way of life of its “free” citizens.  We really do have to think big—to imagine what a future that offers the most good to the most people and to all life on this planet would look like. Obviously, reducing poverty, conflict, and human-rights abuses is paramount. Environmental problems exacerbate those issues and so must also be dealt with.
We have a choice: we can deal with climate change now or we can procrastinate until we are forced to deal with the effects of climate change.  Which path gives us more control over the kind of future we want? Which way lets us create an egalitarian, sustainable, life and happiness enhancing future?

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