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Friday, January 8, 2010

Bonefish Said

A commenter on the Stranger Slog correcting a climate change denier:

It has been measured that the current change in climate is happening many times faster than any "natural" fluctuation in the earth's climate. Species (such as coral) who have survived dozens of past "natural" cooling and warming phases of the earth are dying off in record numbers (in coral's case, due to acidification, due to larger CO2 levels in the atmosphere. As a chemist, you should know how that works, CO2 becoming carbonic acid when it diffuses into the ocean and all).

Those CO2 levels have not been seen for all the millions of years that coral has been around. What a coincidence that they would "naturally" increase at never-before-seen rates now, just when humankind happens to have had a huge industrial revolution, in which we just happen to be pumping huge amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere. And surely it's just a coincidence that sea temperatures are also increasing at levels that far surpass those occurring during other warming cycles, and that sea level is measurably rising at huge rates to reflect that. And it's just a coincidence that the habitat range of warm-water species happens to be expanding with unprecedented speed, as the habitats of cold-water species (which, like coral, have survived dozens of previous "natural" warming and cooling periods) is decreasing and shifting towards the poles in rates that they cannot adapt to.

Yep. Just a natural cycle that the planet has never seen before. The traceable connection to the atmospheric effects of high levels of carbon, and the traceable connection between said high levels of carbon and the fact that we're pumping it into the atmosphere in huge amounts, all just one big natural coincidence.

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