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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Good News For A Change

Europe's first electricity grid dedicated to renewable power will become a political reality this month, as nine countries formally draw up plans to link their clean energy projects around the North Sea.  It would connect turbines off the wind-lashed north coast of Scotland with Germany's vast arrays of solar panels, and join the power of waves crashing on to the Belgian and Danish coasts with the hydro-electric dams nestled in Norway's fjords.

The network, made up of thousands of kilometres of highly efficient undersea cables that could cost up to €30bn (£26.5bn), would solve one of the biggest criticisms faced by renewable power – that unpredictable weather means it is unreliable.  With a renewables supergrid, electricity can be supplied across the continent from wherever the wind is blowing, the sun is shining or the waves are crashing.
Good news for a change:  governments with the acumen and political will to prepare for a low carbon future.  I am going to email the Canadian Prime Minister (again) and bring this Northern European example to his attention.  I wil also email the Premier of this povince as a renewable energy super grid may be something the members of the Western Climate Initiativewill be interested in.


  1. Interesting blog! You need to publicize it so more people get a chance to enjoy it. I stumbled onto it following links for the Tanezrouft Basin image taken by ESA's ALOS satellite. When I looked up "Tanezrouft Basin" on Google, your blog came up 1st!

    Thanks for putting this together.

    Mark Donaghey
    Chicago, IL

  2. Dear Mark:

    Thanks for the compliment: I appreciate the feedback.

    Could you please do me a favour? Please forward my site to anyone else who might be interested in reading it. Thanks,,,,,