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Monday, March 15, 2010

Jim Prentice Wants Your Input - actually, He is Legally Required to Ask for It.

To maintain our standard of living in the 21st century, Canada must address the challenge of environmental sustainability. The issues are well known; we need to address climate change and air quality, maintain water availability and quality, and protect our natural heritage. Environmental issues must be balanced with economic considerations. By doing so, we can make long-term sustainable progress on the environment that is integrated with progress on the economic and social agenda for Canadians.  I am pleased to present to Canadians this consultation paper, Planning for a Sustainable Future: A Federal Sustainable Development Strategy for Canada, that will both strengthen how government promotes environmental sustainability, and improve the transparency and accountability of how we do it....Your comments on the draft Federal Sustainable Development Strategy can be provided by email to sdo-bdd@ec.gc.ca or mailed to the Sustainable Development Office at Environment Canada at the following address by July 12, 2010.
Please reply to Mr Prentice by June 25, 2010 as the comment period closes two weeks after the final strategy is required to be completed. (The pertinent law requires 120 days of consultation with the public - and prorogation forced the consultation period to end after the deadline for completion of the enviornmental sustainability strategy.) Please instruct the Honorable Mr Prentice to take climate change seriously and invest in clean energy and green jobs.  Additional new funds should be made available to the  Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences. 

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