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Monday, March 1, 2010

My Favourite Supporter of Democracy

MPs do work hard – what with all the committee work, constituency work and political work. They just don't work hard at their real job. Although they sat for 130 days last year, it took only hours to approve spending of $240-billion, which works out to roughly $1.8-billion per sitting. With no sense of embarrassment and no appreciation of the dark irony of it, they spend much more time increasing federal spending than they do in supervising it. Prorogation kept these seditious MPs out of the House for 22 days. History would suggest that these spendthrifts are coming back too soon.
Spendthrifts?   Ah yes - Mr Reynolds prefers the tactics that the Right Honorable Mr Bennett used to deal with the great depression in the 1930s - do nothing.  That worked out really well  - both for the economy and the citizens of Canada.    Perhaps when Mr Reynolds is successfull in shutting down all democratic process that lead to spending government funds, we can rename Bennett buggies for Mr Reynolds.
(For Mr Reynolds' views on democracy, please see my February post entitled No Wonder Businessmen Loved the Nazis.)

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