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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Those With The Deepest Pockets have The Best Research?

A Greenpeace investigation has identified a little-known, privately owned US oil company as the paymaster of global warming sceptics in the US and Europe.  The environmental campaign group accuses Kansas-based Koch Industries, which owns refineries and operates oil pipelines, of funding 35 conservative and libertarian groups, as well as more than 20 congressmen and senators. Between them, Greenpeace says, these groups and individuals have spread misinformation about climate science and led a sustained assault on climate scientists and green alternatives to fossil fuels.   Greenpeace says that Koch Industries donated nearly $48m (£31.8m) to climate opposition groups between 1997-2008.
James Lovelock may be right: we may not be evolved enough to do anything about climate change.   But listen not to the voice of despair.  Instead,  print the Guardian article, save it, and memorize the institutes funded by Koch.   Then use the information to persaude and motivate doubters.

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