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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Noranda/Falconbridge Finds Reducing CO2 Saves Money (originally posted June 20, 2009 )

I went to a workshop on corporate social responsibility last week (and hey , the words corporate and social responsiblity are not mutually exclusive in my mind anymore!) I learned really cool stuff (at least it is really cool stuff to an environmental geek like me.) Noranda/Falconbridge found that reducing greenhouse gas emissions by reducing energy consumption saved them money. How much money? Brace yourself - the discounted present value of future savings was $ 438 million dollars! Their output increased 6% while their energy costs were reduced by the same percentage - and, of interest to you corporate accountant types out there - their break even point went down by $ .19 per pound on nickel and $ .05 per pound on copper. This isn't pocket change to anyone! I came away from the workshop with renewed hope and optimism. It is obviously in everyone's financial interest to save the world by rolling back greenhouse gas emissions. Thank you, Nick Shepard of EduvisionInc http://www.eduvision.ca/ for an amazing workshop. 

If you are contacting Prime Minister Stephen Harper regarding the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, please mention that reducing greenhouse gas emissions can save individuals and corporations money.

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