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Saturday, November 28, 2009

What Will Canada Contribute ?

Climate change will hit Africa – a continent that has contributed virtually nothing to bring it about – first and hardest.  Africa will not only be hit hardest, but it will be hit first. Indeed, the long dreaded impact of climate change is already upon us.
Climate change, which was largely brought about by the activities of developed countries, has made it difficult for poor and vulnerable countries to fight poverty. It has created a more hostile environment for development. No amount of money will undo the damage done. But adequate investment in mitigating the damage could partly resolve the problem.
Developed countries are thus morally obliged to pay partial compensation to poor and vulnerable countries and regions to cover part of the cost of the investments needed to adapt to climate change.
Gordon Brown has unveiled a $22bn (£13.3bn) global fund to respond to the world's "climate emergency" by fast-tracking funds to poorer countries from next year.  The prime minister said Britain would contribute £800m to the Copenhagen Launch Fund
What will Canada contribute?  Or will Canada bury its head in the sand and ignore the problem?

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