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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Torture In Afghanistan

It is rather embarassing for the Harper government that the whistle blower about torture allegations in Afghanistan during  2006 -2007  is employed by Ottawa as a senior intelligence officer at Canada's embassy in Washington.  Being trusted by one's government with access to delicate and sensitive matters bolsters one's credibility, no?  Mr. Colvin's testimony is also corroborated by  Peter Mackay (Canada's  current defence minister.) Mr MacKay  acknowledged that a new prisoner transfer agreement was implemented in 2007  due at least in part  to Mr Colvin's warnings.    ( The new agreement with the Afghans may have also had something to do with reporting by the Globe and Mail in 2007 that the Conservatives were aware of the possiblity of torture in 2006. )  So let's see - the Conservatives are attacking the credibility of a senior intelligence officer whose reports of torture effected a better prisoner transfer agreement between the Canadians and the Afghans? Perhaps the Conservatives efforts would be better put to a consideration of the effects of the war in Afghanistan..  After all, this the effort that is supposedly winning the hearts and minds of Afghans. Mmmmnnnn  .... yes, torturing people at random always converts them to one's cause.. .......  and enhances democracy.    Morevoer,  the Afghans have run three British armies and one Soviet army out of their country - I'm not betting on Canada doing better than those previous invasions.  Perhaps Canada  should leave Afghanistan and spend the money we're pissing away on an unwinnable war on something else.  Like taking decisive  action on climate change.

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