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Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Change of Mind

Prime Minister Stephen Harper will attend the Copenhagen climate change meeting next month after all, his office said Thursday — a day after saying he would not go.

Harper decided Thursday to attend the meeting to work on a new climate change agreement after the U.S. president and Chinese premier announced that they will show up, his spokesman said.
Perhaps applying "green heat" to Mr. Harper is has been  effective.  However, going to Copenhagen is not indicative of a change of heart on his part.  Please help generate Mr. Harper's change of heart by emailing him.  Ask the Right Honorable Stephen Harper to sign on to  meaningful, legally binding, and science based greenhouse gas emission reductions on our behalf.   (Or one could try lobbying the US President as our Prime Minister appears to be following an American  lead.)

However, there has been a surprising amount of progress in the intervening days, as nations around the world declared their specific commitments to reduce emissions.
In one respect, Mr. Harper's reversal is both embarrassing and politically compromising, forcing him to devote time and political capital on an issue the Conservatives prefer to avoid confronting, since any meaningful effort to reduce carbon dioxide emissions threatens to constrain development of Alberta's oil sands.
Please send Mr. Harper an email suggesting that he should constrain development of the Alberta tar sands.

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