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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Harper's Conversation on Climate Change

In Singapore, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said :
Emerging economies already contribute close to half of all global emissions, and that proportion will rise to two-thirds in the future. If we don't control those, whatever we do in the developed world will have no impact on climate change. http://www.cbc.ca/world/story/2009/11/14/apec-summit.html
Oh sure - developing nations are the source of the problem - rigghhhhttttt.  In terms of greenhouse gas emissions, Canada is one of the worst ten polluters in the world.  Have a look at the following site:
We Canadians spewed  out 17.9 tonnes of carbon EACH in 2007 - just a hair behind Americans.   On a per capita basis, China released 4.8 tonnes while India released released 1.2 tonnes.   Sweden emitted 6.3 tonnes - just to compare Canada to another developed nation.

Prof. Tim Flannery was also interviewed in Singapore : he said 
Canada is by far the biggest defaulter on its Kyoto obligations on a tonnage basis. And as a result of that there is a lack of trust.
Why would anyone in the developing world trust Canada to take meaningful action on climate change? We are busy obstructing any chance at a deal in Copenhagen by blaming the developing world.  Email or write the Prime Minister and tell him you want Canada to show leadership on this issue!

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