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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Expect More

More flooding, that is. 
About 300 households in Duncan and North Cowichan were issued evacuation orders last Friday after heavy rains, melting snow and a high tide led two local rivers to overflow their dykes and flood some low-lying neighbourhoods with up to one metre of water.
As the cleanup efforts continued, some residents questioned whether the North Cowichan Regional District could have reacted more quickly to the threat, and want to know what it plans to do to prevent similar disasters.
Sounds quite familiar to anyone who browses the provincial Ministry of Environment website at
The Ministry of Environment for BC suggests that effects of climate change will include:
 increased river flood risks in the spring and coastal flooding associated with storm surges.
The residents of the Cowichan Valley are right to wonder what plans all levels of governmnet are making to prevent similar disasters.   These disasters will become all too familiar if we don't reduce our production of greenhouse gas emissions forthwith.  Please email the Prime Minister and as him to commit to binding, science based targets at the UN Conference in Copenhagen.

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