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Saturday, November 14, 2009

I'm Angry

The more I think about Stephen Harper saying “Emerging economies already contribute close to half of all global emissions, and that proportion will rise to two-thirds in the future . . .If we don't control those, whatever we do in the developed world will have no impact on climate change," the more annoyed I get.  Harper sounds willing to bet the future of our children and grandchildren on defending our economy at all costs. No, he isn’t even defending the entire economy – he is defending the interests of big oil producers mining the tar sands. (Tar sand extraction is a very big reason why Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions are extremely high. Greenhouse gas emissions from tar sands production are three times those of conventional oil and gas production.)

Climate change will create all kinds of problems – and the only solution to those problems will be cooperation on a global scale. The cooperation will be accompanied  by endless boring, tedious negotiations that are also completely vital.  Our Prime Minister is exhibiting none of the characteristics required to lead us and the rest of the world  through the end of the age of oil. Let him know that we Canadians expect better.  We expect our leaders to encourage creative solutions to climate change: we do not want them to stamp their feet and yell "You go first"  at other countries.

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