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Friday, November 20, 2009

Global Temperatures Could Rise 6 Degrees

A commenter on the above article wrote following:

Anyway, it is hardly conceivable how the governments of the world are willing to spend billions on bailing out irresponsible and selfish bankers instead of spending it on a crash building program of covering the world's deserts with renewable energy plants as well as a massive research & development program and energy efficiency programs. Think of all the benefits of running everything on solar electricity: no local air pollution, less noise pollution, no acid rain, no global warming, no ocean acidification, no destruction of rainforests for biofuels, no heavy metal pollution, less cancer, respiratory diseases, etc. ... the list just goes on. You could add clean aquifers, rivers and oceans if we get rid off fertilizers and pesticides.

How have become so brain-washed by the fossil fuel companies that we cannot see the salvation that is so obvious? For the denialists, yes, it would take an absolutely colossal technological and financial effort to install enough renewable energy in the next 20 or so years, but is saving our pleasant way of life and the global environment in one stroke not worth it? Nothing else will do.

It is high time that at least responsibly thinking people start to entertain this option - we need to realize this is a crisis of immense proportion and then act accordingly, with equal urgency as defeating Nazi Germany, for example. Nothing but a complete mobilization of civil society will do. What our current leaders talk about is sadly inadequate and will undoubtedly lead to widespread suffering. So the choice is ours, but the hour is near.

Dr. Bruno Walther
Visiting Assistant Professor for Environmental Science
College of Public Health and Nutrition
Taipei Medical University
Taipei, Taiwan

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