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Monday, November 30, 2009

Description of Canada Less Than Flattering

Influence rating ★★★
In stark contrast to its cuddly international image, Canada is the dirty old man of the climate world – missing its Kyoto emissions reduction target by a country mile (by 2007, it was 34% above its target) and showing no signs of reigning in its profligacy.  Friends and foes Roundly criticised by developing countries for being way off the pace, now there are calls to suspend it from the Commonwealth.   What they're offering  A pathetic 3% cut on their 1990 emissions levels by 2020 – an offer mired in thick black tar.   What they most want No curbs on its ability to mine those lucrative tar sands in Alberta for oil (a far more carbon-intensive process than regular extraction). Least likely to say "Look, when you set a target, you've got to stick to it, OK?"

Influence rating ★
Talk about punching above your weight.  Thanks in no small part to the colourful and PR-savvy president Mohamed Nasheed, the Maldives have become a key voice for soon-to-be climate victims around the world. The island nation is the Vince Cable of the talks – no real power but solidly on the moral high ground (if not the literal high ground).   Friends and foes A member of the G77 group of developing nations, and pals with anyone wanting some good PR.  W hat they're offering To go totally carbon neutral by 2020. A frog with solar panels would look less green.   What do they most want Large cuts by all the developed nations.  Most likely to say "I bet you've never had a cabinet meeting under water."
Some days I wish I had been born in the Maldives.  I might be worried about the prospect of my country vanishing under water - but I wouldn't be ashamed of its position on the crisis of the 21st century. 

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