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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

And Now For Something Different That Blackens Canada's Reputation

The Globe and Mail (that pinko rag) ran an editorial yesterday on Afghan detainees (page A16.)
The record speaks for itself on what the Canadian government knows, or should have known, about the torture of Afghan detainees. It speaks far louder than the falsehoods from the government that have by now become routine.
Sitting Conservatives are going "Ouch!!!!!!"
Today - OUUUUCCCH!!!!!!!!!!

Canada’s top soldier has reversed himself on testimony he gave this week, with Chief of the Defence Staff Walter Natynczyk now admitting that a prisoner severely beaten in 2006 by Afghan interrogators had earlier been taken into custody by Canadian soldiers.
Hmmmnnnnn - isn't Mr. Natynczyk Mr. Hillier's successor?  And wasn't Mr. Hillier attacking Richard Colvin's credibility in the nastiest manner?  Didn't he even suggest that Mr. Colvin was parroting Taliban propaganda?  Moreover, the Defence Minister, Peter MacKay has denied for years that Afghan detainees were tortured.  Mr Hillier and Mr MacKay should apologize to Mr. Colvin.   And perhaps the Conservative government should explain to Canadians how not upholding the Geneva convention wins hearts and minds in Afghanistan.  Or how allowing prisoners to be tortured sows democracy in a foreign land.  Or how covering up torture  enhances Canada's reputation.

Perhaps I'll put an American flag on my suitcase when I am next abroad.
Although Mr. MacKay has repeatedly insisted that not a single case of torture could be proven, he acknowledged through a spokesman yesterday there is "credible evidence" that detainees transferred to Afghan security forces have been tortured.
Peter Mackay is toast.  And, if the Conservative government may be as well..... if they keep backfilling and attacking.

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