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Monday, December 21, 2009

Good, Liberal, Compassionate People

So what happens now? That depends on the other non-player at Copenhagen: you. For the past few years good, liberal, compassionate people – the kind who read the Guardian – have shaken their heads and tutted and wondered why someone doesn't do something. Yet the number taking action has been pathetic. Demonstrations which should have brought millions on to the streets have struggled to mobilise a few thousand. As a result the political cost of the failure at Copenhagen is zero. Where are you?

Is this music not to your taste, sir, or madam? Perhaps you would like our little orchestra to play something louder, to drown out that horrible grinding noise.
I'm not going to sit on the Titanic waiting for someone else to do something.  I will continue to write the PM (I must  be his favourite correspondent by now,)  I will lobby our municipal government to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and I will persuade, cajole, and motivate every perosn I meet.  What about you?

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