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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Canada's Copenhagen Nightmare May Be Coming True

A draft proposal published at the climate-change summit Friday for the countries in the Kyoto Protocol, the only international greenhouse-gas reduction treaty, calls for five years to be added to Kyoto, taking it to 2017. Canada fiercely resists any extension of the treaty.

Canada ratified the protocol in 2002, when Jean Chr├ętien's Liberals were in power. But the Conservatives under Prime Minister Stephen Harper have argued for years that the targets agreed to by Canada are impossible to meet. In common with many developed countries, Canada wants Kyoto to lapse in 2012, partly for fear of having to pay non-compliance penalties if it remains intact.
Gee - we haven't even tried to meet our targets .  And now we're fiercely opposed to  extending the Kyoto Protocol because someone might notice we haven't evern tried - and slap us with non compliance penalties.  Hasn't the Canadian government noticed that it is possible to meet those targets?  Some countries have done so....

Please send the Prime Minister a letter or email telling him you want Canada to meet our Kyoto targets . 
Or just instruct him to stop obstructing real progress towards a real deal at Copenhagen.

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