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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Salt Spring Seeds Sale

Salt Spring Seeds are having a sale on their open pollinated, non GMO, organic seeds until the end of 2009.
We had a fantastic harvest in 2009, thanks to warm dry weather through summer and
fall. We are eager to start sharing our seeds with you! Until January 1/2010, all our regular seed packets are $3.25 each instead of $3.50.
One can purchase seeds of currant tomatoes, wild tomatoes, yellow tiger striped tomatoes, Balinese tomatoes,  green zebra tomatoes, purple tomatoes, and yellow tomatoes.  Of particular interest in a recession is Radiator Charlie's Mortgage Lifter tomatoe. (Try it and see if it works!)  They also sell beans, sweet and hot peppers, eggplant, all kinds of salad greens, oats, barley , wheat, peas, watermelon, corn ...... YummmMMMMM!  I'm going to have to dig up more of our lawn and replace it with vegetables.  If you do the same, you will enjoy incomparable flavour at harvest and a zero mile diet.  One cannot do better than that in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  

I have bought seeds and garlic from this company for years and their service and seeds are wonderful.  They are listed in my blogroll as Heritage and Heirloom Seeds. 

If you do not want to garden yourself, consider offering your lawn to someone who does want to garden who has no lawn.  Charge them a portion of their produce as your rental.....

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