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Monday, December 14, 2009

Feds Criticized By Provinces

The environment ministers of Ontario and Quebec used a press conference to declare Canada's emission-reduction targets inadequate and wholly unambitious compared with the two provinces' own targets. “It's absolutely imperative that Canada take a tougher position regarding greenhouse-gas emissions,” Ontario's John Gerretsen said.  Quebec, which is rich in clean hydro power, recently set an emissions target at 20 per cent below 1990's level by 2020 and slapped a carbon tax on fossil fuels. Ontario, which wants to promote itself as a clean-technology centre as traditional manufacturing gets walloped by the recession and the high dollar, has a target of 15 per cent below 1990's level.
Internal and external critics seem to have no efffect on the Canadian federal government....but - surely, instructions from the voters matter to them.  Please send them a letter instructing them to committ to a "real deal" at Copenhagen.  (Please feel free to use my earlier letter posted on this blog if you wish.)

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