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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lord Stern Is Hopeful

Lord Stern disagrees with James Hansen - he wants the copenhagen talks to succeed.  He said:
If you look at the kind of offers that are now on the table we are just a few billion tonnes short per annum of the kind of emission cuts we need to get on target for 2020.  "That means there is a significant way to go but it is possible to get there."  Lord Stern said a "strong, outline, political agreement" at Copenhagen could lead to a dynamic industrial revolution. He said the "extra bit" that needed to be done would require increased commitments from some countries which had already made emissions-cutting offers, as well as a bigger fight against deforestation. "Both those things could take us there and I trust they are both possible."
If Canada agreed to cut greenhouse gas emissions, instead of burying its head in the tar sands, that would help the world achieve the 2020 tragets.  Please send Prime Minister Harper a letter suggesting that he commit Canada to significant targets.

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