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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Legal Reasoning By William Rees

One of the creators of the eco footprint, William Rees, suggests that Canada should be criminally responsible for the deaths of people due to climate change.

In this light, climate change deniers defend a position that will kill millions of people, destroy critical ecosystems and undermine prospects for global civilization. Common sense and social justice demand that the world's nations move forcefully to prevent the anticipated wave of eco-violence. Failing to act renders foot-dragging governments guilty of moral negligence . What is missing in international law is acknowledgment of the offense and the capacity to create and enforce a legal duty to act.
He is suggesting that international law add a crime to its books called "death by envioronmental negligence and egregious footdragging.  If this ahppens, George W. Bush and Stephen Harper should think twice about travelling abroad.  Impossible as this sounds today, think of what happened to Pinochet .... cetainly the generaations to come after us are going to ask all of us why we did nothing.

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