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Friday, December 18, 2009

Canadian Values

A coalition of environmental groups at the Copenhagen climate change conference gave its "Fossil of the Year" award to Canada on Friday.
The citation called Canada "the absolute worst country at the talks."
We're number one ! Splendid!  
Canada's military police have been quietly investigating allegations for more than a year that the country's troops abused Afghan detainees.

Canadian soldiers captured the detainees sometime in 2008 and the investigation into their conduct has been ongoing for at least a year....MacKay apparently never told the House there were allegations against Canadian troops, at least one of which is still being investigated.
That is in addition to the ongoing court martial of a Canadian captain charged earlier this year with murdering a wounded Afghan fighter in his custody.
New Canadian values defined:  torture, a blatant disregard for environmental justice, and a disregard for the truth.   Makes one proud to be Canadian, doesn't it?

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