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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

And You Thought Only Climate Change Deniers Wanted Copenhagen to Fail

No one has called James Hansen a climate change denier - or, if they have, they haven't paid any attention to the news since -  oh  - 1987 or so. But the head of the Nasa Goddard Institute for Space Studies thinks it would be better for humanity if the Copenhagen talks collapsed.  Don't believe me?  Check
In Hansen's view, dealing with climate change allows no room for the compromises that rule the world of elected politics. "This is analagous to the issue of slavery faced by Abraham Lincoln or the issue of Nazism faced by Winston Churchill," he said. "On those kind of issues you cannot compromise. You can't say let's reduce slavery, let's find a compromise and reduce it 50% or reduce it 40%." He added: "We don't have a leader who is able to grasp it and say what is really needed. Instead we are trying to continue business as usual."
It is a very interesting article........and thought provoking.  Should we be as uncompromising as James Hansen?

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