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Friday, December 11, 2009

Candlelight Vigil In Kamloops, December 11, 2009

This  vigil was part of a huge world-wide mobilization on the weekend of December 12th mid-way through the Copenhagen negotiations.  About forty people turned out on a cold and dark winter night (at least it wasn't a stormy night!) on the beach in Pioneer Park in a "Vigil for Survival."  Again, Kamloops rocks!  Thanks everyone !
In a news release, the group said more than 300 events took place Saturday across Canada.

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  1. With Kamloops air NOW (Feb 2010) being threatened by a creosote tie burning company being built by ACC(Aborginal Cogeneration Corporation) ... our "Vigil for Survival', our outcry is for assistance from doctors, lawyers, David Suzuki foundation, asthmatics,whoever can help to change the minds of the provincial gov't before it's too late.These airborne pollutants KNOWN to cause lung cancer --- I personally have watched my husband pass with lung cancer.We need to protect health of infants & children, the earth, waterways, the wonderful animals. My point is the "Vigil for Survival" is a constant NOW. Let us bind together --- go to savekamloops.ca Just Love more.... Grammy Mammy Jill 0x0x0x